Time is the board game we play our lives upon. It is the backdrop to all that we do. Time gives time to the young and carefree. Time takes time away from the old and the sick.

The truth is that your time on this earth will likely be forgotten, though hopefully your influence will not. What you do with your time can determine many things. Financial rewards, future generations, traditional or self-education beyond measure. It cannot, however, predict health, success, or happiness. “If I only do _______, I will be happy.” If I made $_______, I would be a success.” “If I _______ every day, I will be healthy.”

Bargains like this can never truly be made, only stacked like poker chips toward your favor or against it. For desirable goals such as health, success, and/or happiness, you must first define them. YOU must first define them.

If you are only doing something because it will please your parents, your significant other, your children, your friends, your co-workers, your doctors, or even certain strangers, you will not make your own grade. Now, I know that there are some people or legal agencies we must please. Here, however, I am talking about your life and what drives you forward. I am asking you to think about the WHY of your life.

Please think about it soon, as there have been millennia lost to pleasing others instead of the self. Please do not let your passions fall to the floor. Recognize them, name them, pursue them on whatever levels you can, and truly live this life! An unfortunate part about all of it is that the only person who can absolutely tell you whether or not you have completely messed things up…is you.

I say “unfortunate” because catering to the whims of others is seen as more honorable than advancing your own agenda. I simply do not agree. Unless you are harming others with your whims, set yourself free.

Live your life and pursue your dreams. Stop following orders. That’s an order! :)