Let me start off by saying I am HONORED to recommend Sabrina Marcus with the HIGHEST praise and confidence. It is a dark place to find yourself when you feel you are at a dead end with care or rock bottom with provider after provider.

Where I found myself when I came across Dr. Marcus was a place of relief, release, and rejoice! Someone listened! Someone followed through!

Someone took EXTRA special detail and time to provide the utmost best quality care while providing me with an immense amount of security and encouragement. I needed the whole package and…. I found her!

I wanted…. I NEEDED more than just an adjustment. More than a brief work up of the same findings from other various attempts.

I needed total spinal care WITH a compassionate heart behind the brains.

Sabrina has it all and I will forever be grateful for her giving practice and generous gift of healing.

Health Care Worker, Age 27

I’ve lived in many parts of the country and have received chiropractic care from at least a dozen different practitioners.

Dr. Marcus’ care is the closest I’ve ever come to having a true partnership – someone who works with me for my greatest benefit, rather than a doctor in a white coat who works on me.

Dr. Marcus’ work is all hands-on and she ensures my body is ready for an adjustment by relaxing my muscles first.

As a result, my body is more receptive to the adjustments, they last longer, and my physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being are the best they’ve ever been despite numerous stressors in my life, including having lost my job.

My body feels fluid and flexible and this is great motivation for me to keep it that way by exercising and taking yoga classes.

I highly recommend Dr. Marcus to anyone who has a desire to take their health and well-being to great new levels!

Forestry Service Worker, Age 46

I feel very fortunate to have met Dr. Marcus and been to Wildflowers Chiropractic. Through her chiropractic care, many back and shoulder issues (due to a physically demanding job) have been mitigated, or eliminated entirely.

I would (and have) recommended her to all of my friends.

UPS Worker, Age 34

I started seeing this wonderful person when I was having chronic headaches due to an accident that I was in.

After the first session the headaches became infrequent, as I was [previously] getting them everyday. Then gradually they became nonexistent. It is really beneficial how she not only addressed that area but my body as a whole.

I even went in with a headache and after the session it was gone! I would highly recommend her to anyone. You will be eternally grateful!

Office Worker, Age 33

At each visit with Dr. Marcus, she takes the time to have a caring, thorough discussion with me.

I really appreciate the relaxing environment, soft tissue therapies & effective, yet gentle, adjustment techniques she uses.

I have had recurrent low back pain for many years & Dr. Marcus not only takes care of me when I’m having a flare-up, but I’ve noticed I have less episodes of low back [pain] since I started seeing her & following her advice.

I recommend Dr. Marcus to all my friends!

Physician, Age 33

I have seen several chiropractors and highly recommend Dr. Marcus. She is extremely thorough and makes sure to address problems in the entire body.

She spends a good deal of time with you at each visit compared to some chiropractors who just come in and crack you and are out in 5 minutes.

Another thing I really like about Dr. Marcus is how much time she spends addressing the muscles holding the joints.

Stay-At-Home Parent, Age 32

I initially had reservations about chiropractic treatment, but Dr. Marcus set my mind at ease and showed me its many benefits.

Dr. Marcus exhibited excellent skill, compassion, and  understanding and is a genuinely friendly and caring individual. I highly recommend her services.

Attorney, Age 31

Dr. Sabrina Marcus is caring, intuitive, passionate and competent. I see her for general health maintenance and upkeep and I send my clients her way as well.

She gets right in there and works things out so I can leave feeling better and more relaxed.

I recommend you see her, you won’t be disappointed!

Licensed Massage Therapist, Age 33

I have been to Wildflowers Chiropractic several times and have always been happy with my experience there.

Dr. Marcus made me feel like I was her top priority. She is a great chiropractor who genuinely cares.

She also has a great touch and takes the time to explain the process to make you feel really comfortable.

At first, I was scared to have a chiropractor adjusting my neck, but after visiting with Dr. Marcus, my neck and shoulders always feel better and more relaxed!

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better.

Apartment Manager, Age 36

Wildflowers Chiropractic is amazing! My husband starting seeing Dr. Marcus for back pain a couple years ago, and I recently started seeing her for some low back and hip stiffness that I’d been experiencing at work and during my long commute.

She has done wonders for us, both in terms of pain relief as well as educating us about pain prevention and home treatment.

She looks at the whole body system and addresses not just the symptoms we experience, but finds and treats the root of the problem and surrounding areas as well.

All the while, she makes you feel completely comfortable by explaining what she is doing and how it will affect your body. She also has a great sense of humor!

I would recommend her to just about anyone, but especially those new to or uncertain about chiropractic care.

She is very professional, caring, and comprehensive. She truly cares about your health and happiness!

Restaurant Manager, Age 25