Chiropractor Portland OR
Healing an injury is serious business. When we get hurt, we want to fix the problem as soon as possible so that we can be out of pain and back into the swing of our lives. The interesting thing about healing, however, is that most of us have some arbitrarily-assigned timeline that we place onto the injury and how long it is “ok to hurt”. For some of us, that timeline can cover a week or a month, for some of us it is only ten minutes or less.

Of course, the more severe the injury, the less we seem to be able to stand it. It is easy and often encouraged to take pain pills or rush to someone, ANYONE, who says they can help us to feel better quickly. Sometimes, these approaches are warranted, at least certainly understandable, as our lives move at quicker and quicker paces with each passing year.

Pain is a helpful tool for us to know when something has gone awry within us. BUT, it is nowhere near the end of the story. It often begins after days, weeks, or months or accumulating symptoms. It also often is the first symptom to go, leaving behind damage that is only partially healed if we do not tend to it further.

By visiting a healthcare practitioner of our choosing and performing prescribed exercises, we can help to heal the tissues more completely. Very little on our daily to-do lists is as important as keeping ourselves in good working order. That good working order is directly threatened by pushing an area of injury before it is ready or by not allowing the area to fully heal. Finding a course of treatment that suits your goals is important to help you to set benchmarks and determine when an injury has healed sufficiently.

It is important also to think about what you can do from within. Allowing even 5-20 minutes per day to give yourself what you need, whether a stretching or strengthening exercise or meditation, you can help to facilitate deeper healing. You may even find a deeper connection with yourself, understanding when your body or mind simply needs to rest. You may even find that when you tend to your needs and find that deeper connection with yourself, your pain has already been long gone.